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Nicaragua 2017 – Update #4

(Sunday night) Good evening folks! Sorry for the delay, we’ve been without internet for some time here. We celebrated two new births into Christ this morning (pics below). Below is a recap from two students, Jonathan Pendergrast and David Walker. We’ll let their words be it for today. They say it so well.

“Today started out with an early breakfast before heading out to Valentin’s church in el viejo. We were immediately greeted by members of the church. They were very welcoming and were very pleased to have us. We experienced church in a new way which was really cool (they really enjoyed holding hands). It was very interesting to experience worship in a different language. They sang with such passion. We had the pleasure of singing a couple songs for them too. Later in the day we played with the kids. We set aside time to pour directly into the kids and be able to grow our relationships. A lot of soccer was enjoyed as well as kickball and frisbee. It’s such an amazing thing to build meaningful relationships with children who don’t even speak the same language as you. We returned to the hotel and had a time of worship and discussion and then headed to our rooms to hang out and get some sleep to prepare for the full day of work we have tomorrow.

Alright, so I [David] like to share a deep thought with the group every night, so I figured I would share one that I found especially powerful with you. God calls us to be like the moon. If you look into the night sky you will most likely be able to see the massive object of light that is the moon, but the moon produces no light of its own. All of the light you see is a reflection of the brilliance that is the sun’s light. Without the moon everything would be dark. As Christians, we are called to be a reflection of God’s abundant grace, mercy, and love to the world around us. God calls us to be like the moon and to reflect his light in order to light the dark world around us.
I also have a song recommendation. If you haven’t heard it you should check out ‘So Will I’ off of Hillsong’s new album ‘Wonder.'”


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One thought on “Nicaragua 2017 – Update #4

  1. Donna Masih on said:

    Another great report! Be safe and stay cool!

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