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Nicaragua 2017 – Update #3

(Saturday night) Good evening after another long and full day! Jenna Galloway has your recap:

“Today we went to a bunch of different churches to distribute food bags. It was cool to be able to see different parts of the country and see how differently the people lived. One thing that stuck out to me while passing out the bags was that the people of the church waited their turn to get their bags and didn’t try to get them all at once. This is different from what I personally do because I only ever think about myself and normally forget to think about others first (whoops). Also, once we got to Valentin’s church it was super humbling to see Gloria (the woman we are building the house for) and Jonathan (a little boy there) super eager to help us. It is amazing to see just how helpful everyone there is and how much love they have for one another. I can’t wait until tomorrow! Woohoo!!”

We drove a lot and saw some amazing people and places. God was so present in each person we met, and the excitement just to have us in the room was humbling. We gave out 110ish bags each of rice, beans, sugar, oil, and some other things. The students and adults are busting it to get the work done so they can spend more time with the people. It’s been an incredible experience and we’re not done yet. Tomorrow we’ll worship with the church in El Viejo, and I cannot wait to see our two cultures come together in the presence of the Lord! Keep praying for us!

For the group and the Kingdom,



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One thought on “Nicaragua 2017 – Update #3

  1. Donna Masih on said:

    Such a rich report!

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