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Nicaragua 2017 – Update #2

(Friday night) Good evening again! As I write this, some VERY tired students (and adults!) are slipping into some good sleep. We busted it today and got a ton of work done! Tonight you’ll hear from Anderson Liddle about his experience from today:

“Today in Nicaragua, we had both an eventful and fun-filled day. We managed to finish flattening the floor of our house, and we even got all of the concrete onto it. Due to a lack of a certain cement mixing machine, we channeled our inner mixers and became one with the concrete. Along with making concrete, we continued cementing our relationships with the local kids. They are all just so sweet, and it is such a joy playing even the most simple games with them. At the end of the day, we got to have an excellent discussion on how we are affecting people’s lives. It’s amazing to see how we can have an effect on someone’s life in everything we do, whether it be mixing concrete or giving giggling kids piggy back rides (montar a caballo in Spanish). I think both I and my teammates all are enjoying ourselves here, and I can’t wait to continue helping throughout this week.”

He’s not kidding. We mixed 20 wheel barrels of sand, 16 of gravel, and 10 bags of concrete to finish out the floor of the house…BY HAND. I have also guesstimated that no less than 9,452 piggy back rides were given. We are wiped and ready for rest but also for tomorrow! I’ve included some pictures so you can see the progress over the last two days. Keep praying for God’s glory to shine through us all!

For the team and the Kingdom,



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