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Nicaragua 2017 – Update #1

IMG_5700(Thursday evening) Hi everyone! Wanted to pass along a small update on our first day here in Nicaragua. After a LONG travel day yesterday, everyone was eager to get to work, and what a blessing it was to serve this sweet lady named Gloria in helping to build her a new home.

Each day you’ll hear from a different student and their perspective on what happened. Tonight it’s Jennifer Stone! Here’s what she had to say:

“Hey everyone! We had an amazing first day in Nicaragua! We arrived at the work site and started claiming jobs to do for the day. However, because there are a lot of us there were more people than available jobs for some of the day. But that didn’t matter, we played kick ball, other games, and introduced fidget spinners to the kids. They continued to jump and climb on us as we gave piggy back rides. We had such a fun-filled day creating relationships with the people in the surrounding neighborhood and even more excited to get to know them better for the rest of the week, making ourselves even more confused with the little amount of Spanish known within the group. However, the most important lesson we learned today was that if we can be Howard then always be Howard!”

We’re working on finishing the house with James and Eddie, looks like we’ll be putting up the roof and finishing the floor. The neighborhood we’re working in is very welcoming and the weather was very good to us today. Please continue to pray for the work God is doing through us and that the weather allows us to finish strong. Thanks for your support and prayers!

On behalf of the team, and for the Kingdom,


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One thought on “Nicaragua 2017 – Update #1

  1. Donna Masih on said:

    What a great report! Be safe and stay cool.

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