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Camp Telos Deadline THIS SUNDAY!

These are the faces that represent those of you wanting to go to camp who haven’t signed up yet – because the deadline is THIS SUNDAY, MAY 28! Be sure to get your envelope and payment turned in this week or we’ll be making faces a lot sadder than these.

Text or email me ASAP if you want to sign up and won’t be at church on Sunday. Happy Memorial Day weekend!

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3 thoughts on “Camp Telos Deadline THIS SUNDAY!

  1. Shari Burch on said:

    Teen classes this week or family worship in the Great Hall?

    • gconnorwoodmontorg on said:

      Normal church schedule! First class time altogether (middle and high school) in the teen center from 9:45-10:45! 🙂

  2. Bruce Anstey on said:


    How do we want to handle Lidia and Cephas, the Congo kids?

    (615) 310-6684

    Sent from my iPad

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