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Upcoming Events!


Just want to make you all aware of the youth ministry events we have coming up:
February 12 – Sweetheart Banquet! We need teen servers from 5-8pm this Sunday evening; if you are able to volunteer and have not already signed up, please email me (gconnor@woodmont.org) and I will get you all the details.
^^We also need as many families as can help to stay for a few minutes after 2nd service this Sunday to set up the tables and chairs for the banquet. If lots of people help it won’t take any time at all! THANK YOU in advance!
February 18 – RO—TIC Dinner (Romantic without the MAN!) for 6th-12th grade girls from 6-9pm in the Teen Center! WoodmontYG ladies and families should have received an email with details this week.
February 24-26 – Dudefest!!! Turn in your event registration envelope with $85 payment ASAP to attend!
February 26 – 7th-12th grades will have a combined class in the Teen Center from 9:45-10:45 to hear fabulous guest speaker Sami Cone! (6th grade classes will meet upstairs as scheduled.)
March 5 – second 2017 Middle School Hangout! Details to come, but mark your calendars for that Sunday evening, 6th-8th graders!
Reminder of important summer dates:
Nashville Workcamp – June 4-9
Camp Telos – June 11-16
Camp Barnabas Mission Trip – July 15-22
(Remaining mission trips to be announced at a later date.)

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