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Girls’ Sleepover!

girls night

We are ending our summer with a sleepover! All middle school and high school girls are welcome – and your friends too! We’ll watch a movie, play games, do a craft, and eat lots of food…it’ll be great. And it will be our last “big” thing of the summer 😦 

WHEN: Monday, August 1 – Tuesday, August 2

TIME: 7PM – 9/9:30AM  *Kelsey Fisher has her day care camp starting at 10AM that Tuesday morning so the end/pick up time is important for us to keep to be good house guests!* 

WHERE: Betsy Fisher’s house (416 Dahlia Dr. Brentwood, TN 37027) 


  • Sleeping bag or blanket and pillow 
  • $3 (we will order pizza later that night, but eat dinner before you come!) 
  • Snacks and drinks to share (Try and avoid snacks with any nuts as we have a few girls we allergies) 

Please talk to or text Christie (603.494.5008) or Lizzy (314.223.7149) if you’re thinking about coming just so we have an idea of how many girls to prepare for! 

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