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Nicaragua Day 5

Enjoy this very creative recap of Day 5 by Karalyne Dube and Emma Bonamie.

Written in Hawaii Pidgin

Dis group a peopo woke up dis morning to praise da Spesho Guy God
Dey wen to da work site and dirt wen flyin cuz of all dat diggin
Sum songs was sung togeda by da famo guy Micho Jackson
Den plenny rains powed down from da sky and dey was very thankful fo it
Dey even playd in dat rain!
Befo dey wen back to da hotel, dis was wen happen;
We talked to dem Nicaraguans abou culchure an traditions right den and dea
We say to dem “You my boy. I really get love an aloha fo you, an I stay good inside cuz a you.”
Afta at da hotel, we ate an prayed stayin clear of dem fumigations
Dis group of peopo is very sad fo da coming auries (goodbyes)
All dis happen but we still got one mo day


This morning we went out for another day of work
We arrived at the work site and leveled out the ground by digging and filling holes
To keep us going we sang Michael Jackson songs together
While working, a big storm came over us, but we were thankful because it was refreshing
We even played in the rain!
Before going back to the hotel, we talked to the Nicaraguans about their culture and what they liked and dislike about it
At the hotel, our rooms were being fumigated because of bugs, so we stayed clear
We are sad for the upcoming goodbyes, but we still have one more day

Karalyne and Emma

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