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Final Nicaragua Update

This final update comes to you from Reagan Boone and Hadley Hilgenhurst. It’s been an amazing week and, barring any setbacks, we will arrive in Nashville tomorrow at 9:25PM.

July 19th update

This morning everyone woke up quite sad; today was our last day. When we arrived at the construction site everyone got to work as usual, but the air was thick with heavy feelings. We laid concrete as the final task before our last lunch together with our Nicaraguan family. The meal was well spent playing with the children of the town, who graciously came to savor the time before our goodbye. After lunch construction resumed as usual, but a fair few visited Santos, for whom we built a house on our last trip here. That was a special moment for all, especially those who remember the faces and friendships created last year. The connection was instantaneous, the love overwhelming. The American teenagers picked the friendships right back from where they left off through rounds of tag and duck duck goose. The time for our dreaded departure came at the end of the day. When, at last we did say goodbye, we left content that our relationships with our Nicaraguan friends are, and will forever be, eternal. Our brothers and sisters here lovingly prayed over us, and all connected through Christ in our last moments together. Needless to say, the feelings were more than intense.

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