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Camp Barnabas: Day 3

Today was our first full day with campers, and everyone had an absolute blast! This is what our daily schedule looks like this week:

7:30am: Wake up

8:00am: Inspiration Point (We all meet together by the lake and sing crazy songs to wake each other up, and then we receive an inspiring word for the day by one of the camp staffers.)

8:30am:  Girls – Breakfast    Guys – Cabin cleanup/Devos

9:30am:  (Girls and guys switch)

10:30am: 1st Activity (Each cabin does 3 scheduled fun activities per day. These include boating/tubing, canoeing, fishing, pool activities, slip ‘n slide, mini golf, sports, ropes courses, and much more! This place is decked out with fun stuff to do.)

11:30am: 2nd Activity

12:30pm:  Girls – Lunch     Guys – 3rd Activity

1:30pm:  Girls – F.O.B. (“Flat on Back” – this is a mandatory rest time for campers, and a chance for missionaries to meet together in their church groups.)

Guys – Lunch

2:30pm: Girls – 3rd Activity    Guys – F.O.B.

3:30pm: O.A.T.s (“Open Activities Time” – missionaries are back with their campers and have lots of activities they can choose from to do during this time.)

5:30pm: Girls – Dinner    Guys – Showers

6:30pm: (Girls and guys switch)

7:30pm: Nightly theme party! (In order by night: Olympics, Neverland, Mad Scientists, Outer Space Dance Party)

9:00pm: Wrap-up (Everyone gathers back together and has worship/devo/dessert.)

10:30pm: Camper lights out/Missionary “family time” (The last hour of the night the campers are asleep and our missionaries have a chance to debrief and hang out together without their campers.)

11:30pm: Missionary/staff lights out

I had a chance to meet with our girls and guys separately during F.O.B. today, and listening to them talk about their campers and their experiences thus far made my heart want to explode! They are working so hard and loving their campers with everything they have. Every single one of our students had multiple stories about their campers and their cabins that they were so excited to share, and we all just had mega grins plastered on our faces the entire time we were listening!

Each day from here on I am asking at least one guy and one girl from our group to write me just a few sentences about their experience this week to share with you all. Here is what Audrey Barnett had to say this afternoon:

So far, this week has gone really well! I have a super sweet camper named Cassie (who likes to be called Cascar because she loves Nascar). We spent the day playing mini golf, making up cheers and songs for our cabin in the pool, and decorating our cabin for the Neverland theme of the day. Though it is exhausting to be responsible for another camper all day long, it is super rewarding and amazing to learn about the campers and experience all of their qualities. One of my favorite parts so far was sitting with Cassie last night and reading different Bible stories and talking about them. These campers have a huge love for Jesus that shines through in their personalities!

Jax Nicholson also shared how his week is going:

So far this has been one of the best weeks of my summer! (Even though we are stuck out here where it’s like 100% humidity… All the time.) I have a camper named Nathan, and he is a very outgoing and smart individual. I have never in my life met someone as good at math as he is. You can pretty much pull any multiplication problem and give him a bit and he will give you the answer just like that! My favorite part of the week so far has definitely been camper arrival! Seeing the looks on the campers’ faces as they ran through the tunnel that we made was instantly uplifting. It definitely made our hearts smile!

I couldn’t be more proud of our students and the unbelievable work they are doing for God’s kingdom this week. Keep your prayers coming! More tomorrow.

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