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Nicaragua Day 2


Day two, here forth scribed by ye boys of the 12th grade, twas quite enjoyable. The galley of this trip performed many a task. We lathered ye old roof in some anti-corrosive paint. Meanwhile, others of said galley laid blocks of cinder as well as concrete. The galley made leaps and bounds in communication with ye locals in broken Spanish. Many merry mangoes were had during the course of the day procured by Mrs. Valentine of which we were very thankful. There were many a close call with traffic due to the unorthodox driving styles of the locals, but the galley is thankful for our skilled driver, Julio. After the sun hath begun to set, we traversed back to the homestead where we had a quite pleasant splash in the pool, followed by a delicious dinner interrupted by the power going in and out. Worry not my readers, the power is in full swing, much like our will to help the people here. The galley is excited to say the least to get another day of work done tomorrow.

Grayson Meadows, Danny Pledger, and Ben Nickel

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One thought on “Nicaragua Day 2

  1. Bruce Anstey on said:

    Thy script was interesting. One must ponder if abundant consumption of mangoes will result in a well worn path to the privies. Thou art all in our prayers . . . Dude;-)

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