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6th Grade Girls’ Promise Class 2016

Dear Parents of 6th Grade Young Ladies,

Starting Sunday, January 10th at 9:00 in the West Wing, the Middle School Ministry will be offering a special class experience for our young ladies entitled, “Promise”. Leading our discussion will be Shelley Nance, Nancy Osman, Jenni Bowlin, and a few other guests.  Our 6th grade LifeGuards will continue be a part of this class time as well.

Why “Promise”? 

We want to provide a class time for our girls to share and to discuss the awesome privilege it is to be a young woman of faith, integrity, purity and servant leadership.  We want to provide an environment that will create a passion for God’s best in their lives.  The curriculum materials used to facilitate our conversations are by Youth Specialties and author Jen Rawson.

Parent Offerings

This year, in addition to classes with the girls, we would like to offer a few classes especially for parents covering important topics in adolescence. A schedule of these classes will be provided at a later date.


Parents, you will be invited to attend and participate in the special closing ceremony of your daughter’s “Promise” experience.  We will send an invitation at the appropriate time.

Parents, we want to partner with you as you nurture the spiritual walk of your children.  We consider it an honor to be on this journey with you.

Peace and Grace,

Jesse Baker
Middle School Minister
Woodmont Hills Church

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