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Harvest Sunday

This upcoming Sunday (11/15) is Harvest Sunday. For those planning to bring groceries, here is the menu:

Harvest Sunday Menu

(This is a standardized menu-please do NOT add to/take from this list) 

One complete menu per bag-it will be full!

2 small boxes of bread mix (rolls/biscuit/cornbread; NOT the large Bisquik)

1 box of dressing or stuffing

1 can of chicken broth (14-15 oz)

1 large can (28-38 oz) of green beans or 2 small

2 cans of corn, any style

1 box of potato mix, any style

2 boxes of macaroni and cheese

1 box of jell-o

1 can of fruit

1 can of cranberry sauce (optional)

1 container of POWDERED, pre-sweetened drink or tea mix

1 box of brownie or dessert mix (+ icing if needed)


Groceries should be DOUBLE BAGGED in PAPER (all in 1 bag) OR placed in 1 reusable CLOTH bag.

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