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Final Sunday of Church League Football


This is going to be a long post because there are a lot of details. I’m going to try to break it down by team so if you’d just like to skip to the team you care about you won’t have to read all the information.

Girls Squad

Based on our record we’re in tier 2 of the playoffs. Other teams in our tier are BHCC Tom’s Team and Team Creek. We will play in a 3 team round robin for the winner of tier 2.

Game 1: 12:15 vs. Tom’s Team on Field 4

Game 2: 1:15 vs. Team Creek on Field 4

Tom’s Team and Team Creek will then play on field 2 at 2:15. Whoever has the best record after those 3 games wins.

Middle School Guys

This league is entering a single elimination playoff between 4 teams. If we win, we’ll move on to the championship. I’ll put the first guaranteed game in bold and if we win the championship game in italics.

Game 1: 1:15 vs Paul’s Pack on field 2.

We enter as the #4 seed and will play the #1 Seed first. If we lose we’re out, if we win we’ll play…

Game 2: 7:00 PM at Lipscomb University against the winner of the #2 vs. #3

High School Guys

We are not only entering a single elimination tournament but also have to finish a regular season game this Sunday that is critical for seeding. We are currently tied with Jackson Street at 4-1 for the #1 Seed but they own the tiebreaker because they beat us.

We are guaranteed 2 games this Sunday. The first will be our final regular season game, and we want to win it.

Game 1: 12:15 vs. Harpeth Hils on field 3

Everything after this gets a little complicated but I’ll try to make it as easy as possible. Stay with me till the end.

Scenario 1: Jackson Street wins and we win. – we will enter the playoffs as a #2 seed and play the winner of the #3 (Up the Creek) vs #6 (Harpeth Hills or Hillsboro) at 3:15 on field 3

Scenario 2: Jackson Street loses and so do we. – Same as scenario 1, we enter playoffs as #2 and play at 3:15

Scenario 3: Jackson Street loses and we win. – We enter playoffs as #1 seed and we will play the winner of #4 (BHCC) vs #5 (Hillsboro) at 8:00 PM at Lipscomb University 

—– If we win our Semi-final game we will be in the Championship Game—–

Championship Game 9:00 PM at Lipscomb 

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