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Week of July 26-August 1

Tuesday, July 28 – HIKING / ADVENTURE DAY
Meet at noon at the church to eat lunch with the interns, then we will head over to Radnor Lake for an afternoon of hiking and adventuring. If you can’t make it to lunch be sure to check in with any of the interns to find out where to meet up!

Wednesday, July 29 – PARK DAY
Meet at Centennial park at noon and bring a picnic lunch, a blanket to sit on, and any outside games you want to play! We will be hanging out until church so feel free to stick around!

Thursday, July 30 – SOUNDS GAME
Come out and support the Sounds. Game starts at 7:05 so try to be at the park at 6:30 to grab your tickets from the interns. Make sure to RSVP by Sunday night with any of the interns so we know how many tickets to purchase. Tickets will be around $10 (depending on group rates)

Friday, July 31 – GIRL/ BOY SLEEPOVER
Keep Friday night free because we have lots of fun in store at these girls and boys sleepovers. Tentative start time is seven, more details coming soon!

Saturday, August 1 – GIRLS DAY / BOYS DAY
After the sleepovers, even if you can’t make it, we will be having a girls and boys day of fun. Details also to come so be sure to check back!

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One thought on “Week of July 26-August 1

  1. Shari on said:

    When do we get more details about the sleepovers? Need more info ASAP to decide if our kids can participate or not.

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