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Baptism This Sunday!


This picture has so many layers of meaning to me. There’s the obvious; its the first Woodmont Flag Football Championship team, it shows that no matter who you are or where you live, you’ve got a place at Woodmont. Then there’s the less obvious. There are stories I could tell about each young man in this picture; the way they’ve made me laugh, when they’ve made me re-examine my faith, and the times when we’ve cried together.

Well, this Sunday there’s going to be another layer added when the good-looking guy in the middle front, Noah Hernbeck, gets up in front of his entire church family and says, “From this day forward, the old me is dead. Today the me who lives only for Christ and his Kingdom is born.” Hallelujah!

Make plans to be at Woodmont this Sunday during second service.

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One thought on “Baptism This Sunday!

  1. I love this picture! Wonderful news about Noah! Thanks for sharing.

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