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Week of July 19-25

Wednesday, July 22 – PARK DAY.
Meet at the church at 12 get lunch with the interns. Then go for a hike around Radnor Lake so be sure to bring shoes and clothes to hike in! Kids are welcome to come back and stay at the church until after the evening service. Make sure to come to sonic after!

Thursday, July 23 – OUTSIDE NIGHT MOVIE.
Get lunch with the interns at 12 at Chipotle in Green Hills. Then join us for an outside movie at a surprise location around the church. Come at 7:30 to hang out, play games, and watch a movie.

Friday, July 24 – ZOO DAY.
Meet up at the church at 11, pack a lunch or get lunch at the zoo, everyone get into the mood and dress like you’re going on an African safari! (Cost is $15 for admission)

Saturday, July 25 – WATERFALL.
Meet at the church at 8 to head to Foster Falls. Be sure to wear your swimming suit, bring a change of clothes, a towel and a lunch with plenty of water! (If possible bring $5 to help pay for gas money)

If you have ANY questions, need a ride, or anything else contact one of the interns!
Chloe – 785-766-6470
Talia – 615-974-7091
Stephen – 502-671-9071
Trevor – 303-720-2270

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