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Nicaragua Update: Day 6

The day began with our regularly scheduled program of waking up and eating a delicious breakfast consisting of eggs, rice, and beans with a side of toast…yum yum!  After a short ride to the work site, we began pulling weeds and removing rock from the yard and constructing a rock wall similar to the old rock walls in Nashville. After lunch, we presented the family with a table and stools, rocking chairs, a crib, and other miscellaneous furniture.  We also played many games of soccer, tag, and wheel barrow races. The children of the neighborhood invented a game where they would run at one of the poles holding up our shade tent, jump and grab ahold of the pole and swing around as many times as they could. After watching a few attempts, Woodmont’s own Kendall Osman decided to try her hand at this new game. Fortunately for all involved the tent did not collapse. The kids have been, by far, the most refreshing part of the trip for us. They constantly and consistently provided the relief from the hard labor of construction.

The work today mainly consisted of roof construction.  As we arrived on site the doors and windows were hung and work had begun to close in the house.  The welder was on site once again to weld the beams for the trusses.  Once everything was welded we began to hang the corrugated metal and thus, we built a roof.

Once construction was complete we said our goodbyes. After taking pictures of the house with the family and neighborhood kids many tears were shed and many hugs we given. The relationships that were built along with this house were meaningful and strong. I am certain the time that is spent apart cannot break the bond forged through hard work, love, and God.

After we had all gathered the strength to say our final good byes and boarded the bus, we departed for the market to purchase a crib for another family that had recently brought another child into the world. After buying the crib David made the mistake of allowing the street youths of Woodmont Hills to roam the streets of the Chinandega marketplace. Though no casualties were counted, I am sure that death was narrowly avoided by the humble inhabitants of Nicaragua who had the misfortune of being present as we pillaged their ice cream and soda stores.

Arriving at their home, we realized that the family had already procured a crib for their new born. This was not an issue, however because the family lacked a play pen and the crib we had given them would work just as well for that cause. Around this home there were many species of dog, all of which seemed to be cross bred with a Weiner Dog . . . Interesting. Besides those, there were many chickens, roosters, and pigs. Lots of pigs. Some of which had recently been born.

To end the day, we had dinner with Valentine, his family, and some of the church members. We dined on the usual fare of the hotel restaurant and promptly went to the evening devo. During devo we shared our thoughts on the day and the trip as a whole. Reflecting on our accomplishments and the accomplishments of God through us we shared how we had seen the light throughout our trip fitting the theme for the summer.

Because we have to be up at the butt crack of dawn to make our flight tomorrow, we decided to save the games of mafia for our layover in Miami. NOT!!! Mafia was played in abundance and Kelsey Fisher had the honor of being the mafia for her first time.

Now we rest and pray for a safe day of travel back to Los Estados Unidos.

(The United States, duh)

Much love,

Trevor Ault and Blake Marshall

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