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Nicaragua Update: Day 5

Today the kids got a little creative with the update. Kendall Osman (AKA Swagg Beast) and Hadley Hilgenhurst (AKA H-Money) decided to rap about it. The lyrics are below if you’d like to follow along.

yo yo what up my peeps this is swag beast and h-money

today we worked really hard even though it was sunny

the concrete we were a’mixin

the roof we were a’fixin

we were paintin the house a nice rojo

the neighbors be thinking we was loco

volleyball, soccer, baseball was played

we was served up for dinner some nice fish fillet

we had bad breath cause it was filled with onions

today we sang lots of songs with the young-ins

english words were taught

this priceless love could not be bought

jesus was seen in lots of places

including in all of our smiling faces

in the afternoon the kids had to go to school

but gee man that aint cool

today we didn’t get a lot of work done

because the metal beams for the roof weighed a ton

but that aint a prob

we already finished a lot of this job

tomorrows our last day before we come home

on the work site there will be no groans

tonight we had devo

we never want to leave-o

for this there will be no doubts

and this is hmoney and swag beast peacing out

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