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Medina 2015 – Day 3

Your favorite interns are coming at ya live from Medina, Texas. Stevesy and Tal Pal here to yell you about our second day of work here at Arms of Hope.

First things first: breakfast. We got your pop-tarts, your oatmeal, stacks on stacks of bagels, we got a fruit tray fit for a king and a pot that runneth over of coffee. Remember that time Stevesy got bit by an ant yesterday? JK it was a SPIDER! So he went to the ER ha! Beats work! But really though it was just an elaborate plan to get Starbucks. But we also got some work done today. We did some tile ripping, some mattress moving, some rock hauling, and some chicken smoking! It was a busy day.

We then retreated to our private quarters for some rest and relaxation. For dinner, we had that freshly smoked chicken we mentioned before. So good but so filling! We spent our evening playing with the campus kids. Afterwards, the senior girls led us in a devo and worship. We ended the night by making White Chocolate Lasagna for all the moms on campus. (We would like to take this moment to make a shout out to all moms. YOU ROCK!)

Thanks for joining us tonight here on the Woodmont Hills Youth Blog! You stay classy Woodmont.

Peace & Blessings

Stevesy & Tal Pal

(Stephen Grady & Talia Green)

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