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Nicaragua Update: Day 4

Wow!! What another fantastic day was had by all! The past days were filled with physical hard work and A LOT of sweat (More than usual, trust us!) Today we chose to take a break by making better connections with the children from church and getting a deeper sense of God’s love for us. For our 3rd full day in Nicaragua, we woke up earlier than normal, ate pancakes, and loaded onto the bus to travel to church. As we arrived to the church, us girls stayed to help with the kids outside while the boys went inside to listen to Valentin’s sermon. With the kids, Mrs. Cheryl taught about the prodigal son in Spanish. Then, we started the crafts of making cute little pigs out of sponges and pipe cleaners, and giving the kids pictures of Jesus to color inside (or as they usually please, outside) the lines. Soon after, the Sunday Service was over, all the kids lined up to receive dresses or shorts sent with us made by the Noble Needles. The kids and mothers absolutely loved their new dresses and shorts which came with beaded necklaces or toy cars! We taught many games like Little Sally Walker, London Bridge is Falling Down, and Draw a Bucket of Water to the children and their faces contained ear-to-ear smiles. The little girls enjoyed having their photos taken with us and you could tell they were having a great time! We were so sad this was our last day with the kids because most of them will go back to school tomorrow. Also, our bus driver, Julio, got baptized today and accepted Jesus Christ into his life. Then, for lunch we went to the delicious RostiPollo which was graciously paid for by Valentin’s church. We all  changed at the restaurant to go to the beach to finish off the day. The beach had ginormous waves and incredible seashells where every single one was unique in it’s own way. We swam and enjoyed the presence of God’s magnificent creation. After our beach fun, we went back to the hotel, had dinner, listened to David’s devo, and played the best game of Mafia ever played. We had a great relaxing day and are well rested for what is in store for our full day of work tomorrow!


Jennifer Stone & Hannah Williams

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