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Medina 2015 – Day 2

Today was the first full day at Medina Children’s Home and it was an eventful and fun day!

Right after breakfast we had a Medina intern lead us in a devotional about strength, especially related to the work we’ve been called to do. Afterwards, we split into several work groups to take on the tasks assigned to us. Those assignments included  hauling and spreading gravel, cleaning the playground, moving furniture, removing floor tile, and organizing the clothes closet. It was especially interesting today to see the wildlife we don’t normally see at home. Intern, Stephen, learned the hard way to pay attention to his surroundings. While pulling weeds today he picked up a few handfuls of fire ants, Fire ants don’t like human hands very much. Although it was a tough and challenging work day, we made great progress while working hard to serve God and others.

After a long day, we got to enjoy a meal with three cottage families so we could learn more about the residents. The meal and fellowship spilled onto the basketball courts, throwing Frisbee in an open field, and watching some of the residents perform an amazing show including a performance of “10,000 Reasons”.

It has been an amazing first day and we are excited to see what the rest of the week holds.

Audrey Barnett, Halle Cathey and Stephen Grady

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