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Nicaragua Update: Day 3

Yet another day filled with hard work, laughter, sweat, smiling faces, and new memories has come and past in Nicaragua. After a meal and bus ride to the work site, everyone jumped in to help whether it was climbing the scaffolding to lay bricks, troweling the mortar joints, playing with the children, mixing the concrete, or other various tasks. Many of the local children are eager to play with the “gringos.”  They run up and want to learn our names and learn new games and songs.  Not only did they want to play and run around, but they also wanted to lend a helping hand to those working on the house.  Using a stick as a bat and flip flops for bases, they invite us to play one game they enjoy in particular-baseball.  In addition to baseball, we played Ring-round-the rosie, duck duck goose, limbo, bubbles, balloons, and tag. The smile and laughter that they show in the simplest things is incredible. Mrs. Cathy Fridge thoughtfully sent the bubbles and balloons down with us to hand out to the children but the most amazing thing was the patience and kindness the kids showed to one another, not pushing or shoving, yelling or fighting to get what they wanted, but waiting patiently for their turn and sharing with one another. As the kids played and played with some of us, others were working non-stop on the construction of the house.  Yesterday, we laid the dirt for the floor and, today, laid the concrete to finish it off.  As soon as the mixer arrived, a good portion of us began to shovel gravel, sand, and concrete into buckets.  These buckets were then poured into the mixer…needless to say, we burned a lot of calories and built a WHOLE LOT of muscle!  Once the concrete was done mixin’, we dumped it into wheelbarrows and hauled it over to the house to be laid as flooring.  Let’s just say, a few of us got so into the whole “wheelbarrowing and concrete thing” that we might major in Concrete someday!  After eating a muy rico (very delicious) meal of roasted meat and fried plantains, we thanked the women that cooked it for us and got straight back to work with mixing, pouring, and wheelbarrowing.  Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, we were finished with the floor and ready to go back to the hotel.  As we climbed into the bus, the children hugged us and said “ADIOS!” about a thousand times!  I guess you could say it was a successful day and, yeah, we can’t wait to do it all again on Monday!

-Canaan Gwin and Rebecca King

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