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Nicaragua Update: Day 2

July 10

We awoke bright and early to a non-traditional breakfast, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, and started our day on a positive note. As we made our way to Valentin’s church we discovered all that Nicaragua has to offer and, from there, the group split up. The girls prepared food bags, while the guys began the arduous task of building a house. We are unsure what happened at the work site in the morning, but the girls began work right away. We were elbow deep in sugar, rice, and beans attempting to make 70 food bags for the surrounding community and members of the church. Though a long and sticky process, it was well worth it to see Angelito, Valentin’s three year old son, haul bags as big as himself across the church. It is truly amazing how something as little as handing out bags of food can bring such joy and excitement to those who need it. The women lavished us in kisses and tight hugs despite our haggard appearances, not minding the mixture of bug spray, sunscreen, sweat, and sugar that had formed on our skin. We had a light lunch and then headed to the work site. On our way, we saw a family digging through a pile of trash by the road. A few moments before we had been discussing what to do with the extra food from lunch, and just like that God showed up in a big way. Mrs. Nancy was moved and yelled for the bus to stop, so that we could go back and give them the leftovers. Their faces said it all and as we drove off they left the trash pile. We arrived ready to work and relieve the guys from shoveling and leveling the dirt floor. The work site was a combination of work and play since many of the neighborhood children came to see the Gringos. We sang many-a-song and played plenty of tag and baseball to pass the time and keep spirits high. When our work there was done, we returned to the church and saw the children perform a stunning traditional dance. We valiantly tried to interest them in games of red light green light and duck, duck goose to no avail. In the end, our connection was dancing as we taught them our tacky Cotton-eyed Joe dance and a blast from the past, Little Sally Walker. When it was time for us to leave we were embraced by tiny arms and a chorus of voices asking to stay. Leaving the church was hard, but it was such a fantastic day and we can’t wait to see what’s in store.

-Kelsey Fisher and Sarah Williams

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