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Nicaragua Update: Day 1

Nicaragua MMXV 

In a city not far away, actually right at our doorstep, the WoodmontYG embarked on an epic journey to the Central American country of Nicaragua. The quest began at the crack of dawn on today at BNA. After a struggle to drag our zombified bodies through security and indulging in much needed caffeine, the heroes boarded the aviation machine set for Miami. We don’t recall much considering everyone was comatose the whole ride there. However we do know it was nothing short of an adventure. Stumbling out of the plane, we arrived at Miami International Airport with a nearly three hour layover between flights. The brave travelers decided to try a local dining facility, we called it Wendy’s. After painfully telling jokes that took up more time than laughs, we departed the sunshine state and continued on our quest. We arrived in Managua at 1:30 local time, which is convenient given the fact they completely ignore daylight savings time. We boarded the most cliche bus EVER as we embarked on the final leg of our perilous journey; but first we had to eat yet another meal at none other than The Happiest Place on Earth, and its not Disney World. Leaving McDonalds with a full tummy left the crew in great shape for the journey ahead (Did you know that Nicaragua is the only country that contains fresh water sharks?). After traveling across, and by across I mean a ways by, a volcano and many miles of terrifying four legged creatures and people selling bags of water, we arrived at our destination, which is ironically named Hotel Los Volcanos. We partook in a celebratory feast. We finished the night battered, but grateful for our successful journey and anxious for the mighty task ahead of us…


-Drew Nickel & Will Weatherford

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