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Camp Dress up Nights

Some WoodmontYGers are trying to make Camp Telos more awesome so they had the idea to have dress up nights. I said, “sounds even more awesome!” So, this week, if you have time (this is not mandatory), go find some whacky get-ups and bring them to camp. You’ll have a chance each evening before dinner time to change and we may even do prizes for the person with the most creative outfit. As always, Modest is Hottest!

Here are the themes;

Malibu Monday: Wear your Hawaiian shirts or look like you’re part of a surfing safari or live on the bottom of the ocean. Like this guy…elvis-hawaiian-shirt

Hollywood Tuesday: Dress as a celebrity, a Hollywood insider or a tourist. Like these folks pleasant looking folks… tourists

Highlighter Hump Day: Look like a neon marker, your going to a Christian rave, or the most bodacious 80’s house party you’ve eve seen. This little girl gets it…  


Also, for one of our Big Fun Group Games, you’ll have more fun if you pack an outfit that’s mostly white and you don’t mind getting it dirty.

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