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Fall Retreat Deadline

We have now passed the extended deadline to sign up for the Fall Retreat, but we’d love for everyone to have the chance to come. Please let us know if you still plan to attend but have not turned in a form!

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2 thoughts on “Fall Retreat Deadline

  1. Hilgenhurst, Debbie P on said:

    Form for Callie Hilgenhurst was placed in the black mailbox yesterday.

    Debbie Hilgenhurst


    Debbie P Hilgenhurst
    Senior Corporate Executive
    Business Development

    9625 Deer Track Court
    Brentwood, TN 37027

    Office 615-776-5569
    Cell 615-584-3391
    Fax 615-776-7079



  2. 1975jeso@gmail.com on said:

    If it’s not too late Isabella(Bella) orozco does want to go! At first we thought she couldn’t go, but our plans have changed last minute and she can now go:-) she is coming tonight to church(wed.) and can bring her camp form. Thx! Jessica Sent from my iPhone


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