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Wednesday Night the 22nd


We’ve been calling Wednesday nights “Experiments in Following The Way of Jesus.” Experiments are great because the goal is not perfection but learning and you can learn a lot from falling short. While our first experiment (hosting our new friends from the Islamic Center of Nashville) was a huge success, well… let’s just say we’ve learned a lot from the second one. No one ever said trying to follow Jesus’ was going to be obvious or easy (actually, I have heard people say that, it’s just never been easy or obvious for me).

After reading Mark 3:1-6, our idea was to take part in the healing of those we often overlook and we chose to see if there were any Woodmont members who have a difficulty getting to church that would like some students to visit them. We (read, Sue Mullican) rented vans and called quite a few people and it just wasn’t working for them. One was having medical procedures, another didn’t have time to get their house ready, others didn’t know if the people taking care of them would be able to move their schedule, and some just didn’t want it. However, one thing God has taught me while working with teenagers is, sometimes the ones who seem most opposed to friendship are the ones who long for it most and its best to find creative ways to show them you really do see them.

That’s what we’re going to do tomorrow night. We’re going to find creative ways to show them we know about them, we’re here for them and we want to be like the Jesus who sees them. Ok, we’re going to write them cards, and it won’t be as “wow” as hosting Muslims but it isn’t about the “wow.” It’s about learning how to live like Jesus.

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