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Tonight’s Experiment in Following The Way of Jesus

Jesus eating with "sinners" from Jesus' perspective, beautiful.

From Jesus’ perspective, angels attending as he eats with “sinners,” beautiful.

Tonight is our first night of the school year where were are doing monthly experiments into following The Way of Jesus, and I’m so excited. We’ve invited folks from the Islamic Center of Nashville to come have dinner with us tonight because, as we read in Mark 2:13-17, Jesus ate with the very people others found distrustful and offensive to God, and we want to know what he would have us learn by doing the same. It’s not worship, its not a feeble attempt at assimilating two world religions over night, its a dinner; a chance to make friends and, in so doing, peace on this earth.

I think first and foremost, Jesus would have us be good hosts. So, please show up at or before 6:30.

I also know there’s a really cool tradition of fellowship and food at Baja before church, for this week and this week only, I’m asking you not to eat at Baja or anywhere else before hand. We’re serving food, it’s going to be good, it’s free, and we’re having guests. If you had people over to your house and someone in your family didn’t eat with your guests because they had already eaten before, that would be a little rude, and I’m just asking for one night only, please don’t eat before hand.

I can’t wait to see what Jesus teaches us tonight

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