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Rules for Meeting with Our Muslim Friends

Tomorrow night we will be practicing The Way of Jesus by hosting Muslims from the Islamic Center of Nashville in our youth area. Here are some rules to keep in mind from our Shepherd Roger Wiemers who has been instrumental in getting this experiment going.

1. Guys should never “touch” Muslim women in any form.  Not on the shoulder as a greeting, not by shaking hands (unless she extends her hand first)…..not in any way, especially if the female is old enough to wear a hijab.
2. Guys should never be alone with a Muslim women, even if it is not intentional.  So, if the guys notice that some female has preceded them into the hallway at closing time, tell them to wait until other females or other Muslims go out first before they enter into the hallway with them.  This is just being respectful of their culture.
3. Also, guys should not have extended eye contact with Muslim women.  In greetings, in direct conversation, etc. it is alright, but when the guys are not involved in this interaction, they should refrain from having eye contact with the women.
4. Don’t mention Mohammed in any context!  Even though someone may want to say something nice, it could be taken the wrong way either by a language shortage or by a cultural misperception….so just avoid using the name.

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