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New Youth Praise Band Coordinator


She needs no introduction but, it’s my honor to introduce Leah Gray as our new Youth Praise Band Coordinator. Our wonderful Rachel Rogers had to move on to pursue other interests and we wish her nothing but the best and we are so excited to be working with Leah. Most of you know Leah because she grew up at Woodmont. Leah brings an awesome combination of vocal and instrumental talent along with great organization and people skills. 

Important Dates: Leah will be hosting “auditions” (they’re really not auctions in the sense that no one gets “cut” and everyone makes the team) during 2nd service on Sunday September 21st (Please note the date change from what was announced this Sunday in class. Leah had a scheduling conflict arise). For Parents, after 2nd service we will host a Praise Band Planning meeting, which we will cater, where we ask that each student interested in playing in praise band, along with at least one parent attend. At this meeting, we hope to lay out some expectations, and plan the entire semester for praise band. That’s right, we’re upping the ante on organization this year, so bring your calendars and help us, and Leah, make this the best semester of Praise Band ever!

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