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Nicaragua Recap

I asked Canaan Gwin to recap our trip. I’ll let you read and decide for yourself, but, as one who was there, I think she captured the week perfectly. 

“How does one sum up seven extraordinary days that transformed the hearts and minds of 13 everyday, ordinary teenagers? A good place to start would be Thursday, July 3rd, when, at 4:00 am, 21 of us dragged our sleepy little heads and anxious parents to the Nashville Airport. Who knew that 4:00 am would mark the time when a person’s life would be forever changed? It was 4:00 am when I said goodbye to my family, opened up my passport, boarded a plane, prayed for safety and began a life changing experience in an underprivileged developing country. It was 4:00 am was when I said goodbye to treated water, the comforts of my house, Sonic, and electronic devices. Hola was waiting for me nearly 1,800 miles away.

Our mission was to bless a people who “had nothing.” It’s funny how God has a way of showing up with His own set of plans. Who knew we would be so amazingly blessed as we mixed concrete, painted a church and created shelter for people who spoke an entirely different language. Language, culture, money and lifestyle don’t matter when you share a common faith. I’ve never seen God and all of His fingerprints so clearly in one setting. Those fingerprints reached into our hearts and created beautiful memories, lasting friendships, and unexpected love.  

Goodbye was the hardest part. To know that we will meet again either on earth or in Heaven is a mission I am counting on. The Nicaragua trip was the best week of my life. God is so good.

Con mucho amor,

Canaan Gwin

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One thought on “Nicaragua Recap

  1. Amen Canaan! Well spoken.

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