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Nicaragua Day 6

July 8, 2014

Today was an eventful day; we started our voyage after a good filling breakfast and a spot of coffee, we headed over to Juan and Maria’s home near the church in El Viejo. Juan helped us out with construction at the church and couldn’t wait to give us a tour of his place! Juan’s wife, Maria, has many health and breathing problems, so when we came to visit them Valentine brought a doctor to see Maria and write a prescription for her. After a while of comforting hand holding and relaxed back rubs, Maria thanked us for our visit and blessed our love for Christ.

Before lunch we decided to visit the local market in Nicaragua where, of course, we all bought little mementoes to remember our trip. Following a filling and tiring meal at Rosti Pollo again, with a valiant effort from both gringos and Nicaraguans, we played an intense game of soccer at a football field near the church were heat strokes were closing in and booboo knees were had. After our “fun” we then headed over to Valentine’s freshly painted and glowing church and had a Tuesday afternoon worship service. After wonderful singing and praise, we went over to their well and watched David baptize George Chunn! By the time we finished hugging our new brother in Christ, it was time to say our goodbyes.  Mrs. Flores made a heart warming speech that brought tears to everyone’s eyes. They were so appreciative of our help and kindness to them and their church, which made it so hard to say Goodbye.

Coming back to Los Volcanos after such a hot and sticky day was amazing, especially due to a “swim party” in the pool that was happy to add Erick and Misael (Valentine’s eldest sons) along side of every student who came on the trip. After eating a dinner of champions, we had our last devo of the week! The question of the day was about your high and low of the day. Most people said their low was saying goodbye and their high was worshipping together. As soon as devo was over, we played the world’s greatest game…mafia!! A murderous night full of slaying, screams of frustration, and revenge was the perfect way to end the best week of some of our lives!

Peace and Grace
Lilli and Canaan

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