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Nicaragua Day 5

Nicaraguan Update Day 5 in the Form of a Poem!!!! 

By: Kendall Swag Beast Osman


To start the day, we, once again, woke up at the crack of dawn. 

Thankfully, for breakfast we did not have flan. 

Headed to Valentine’s church to paint

And the heat caused a couple of our group members to become faint.

The majority of the pastel pink paint ended up on each other.

However, that made quite a few annoyed, including my mother. 

The entire day was spent creating a masterpiece of the church and putting on the roof. 

Our hard work showed people Jesus’ love; each person transformed into living proof.


The painting was accompanied by joyous singing. 

Even though it sometimes brought with it a horrible ear ringing. 

Many relationships continued to be strengthened and created,

and an awesome person’s life, Emma Lawson’s (18 woot woot!!), was celebrated. 


At night, a delicioso dinner was eaten and our 28th gallon of rice was pounded. 

Just as we finished, I leaned on a fake wall, which fell and broke, and for that I was hounded. 

Devo began and we talked about where we saw Jesus and what we learned about ourselves. 

Some even said that they learned that they can now easily come out of their shells. 

Following that, intense games of mafia were played

and regretfully, multiple people were slayed. 

Now I’m here, writing this poem. 

Everyone said I couldn’t do it, but I definitely showed ‘em. 


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3 thoughts on “Nicaragua Day 5

  1. Carla Beckham on said:

    Kendall Beast Swag totally rocked this. She should be Woodmont YG’s designated poet…or rap artist.

  2. Beth Schreiner on said:

    Kendall, I’m telling you… you can write! I love your poem. You are so talented; I hope you realize your gifts and continue to use them for the Lord! Place these jewels in a portfolio, or at least a folder to look back on at a later date.

    Love you, Kendall!
    Aunt Beth

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