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Intern Activities for the Week


band back togetherHey everybody! Now that everyone has had a chance to get some rest from mission trips and camps, we want to get the band back together!

Tuesday: First things first, meet at the church at 1 o’clock sharp (or whenever) for some pretty rad games. Then at 3 o’clock Emma and I will be hosting an ode to soccer, final four watching of the world cup for anyone that is not still bitter about last week’s loss…

Wednesday Night: See you at the pillars at 6:30!

Thursday: Meet at the church at 5 o’clock for din-din. Then we will begin our video scavenger hunt!!! Come thirsty for a wicked time 🙂

If you have any questions concerning the week text or call one of the interns!

– Trey Clark

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2 thoughts on “Intern Activities for the Week

  1. Is this for middle schoolers? Do they need $, and what is pick up time? Thanks!

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