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Nicaragua Day 4

Nicaragua is amazing. That’s the whole situation in a nutshell. However, to go into a detail we, Jeffrey Gage and George Chunn, are going to tell you, with bullet points, what happened this fine Sunday in Chinandega.

Woke up

Ate breakfast, gallo pinto and eggs; Moises, the pastor from Honduras, ordered a coconut gathered straight from the tree in front of the hotel and gave it to me. (Jeffrey)

Went to church; We saw the little newly painted (azul celeste) church in the distance. The congregation was clapping as we showed up and was very gracious. They accepted us immediately, and it meant a lot. We sang in both languages and the energy flowed from that little church. Moises preached, and every couple of minutes he would switch the language he spoke with so that we all could hear and understand the message.

There was one girl who was baptized that morning. While the Nicaraguans were singing, I (George) could not understand the lyrics, but that didn’t limit me from feeling God’s presence take charge of the church. 

Ate lunch at a place called Rostipollo (the name sort of means “roast chicken”)

Went to a place called Campesano to swim; there were little fish in the water with us.

Back to the hotel
Wrote this update

And that’s about it, folks.


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