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Nicaragua Day 2

Our morning began with a 7am wakeup call. We enjoyed breakfast with our teams before piling into our bus and heading to El Viejo to work at Valentine’s church. Our day consisted of helping Cheryl Lindsay with VBS crafts preparing an area to pour concrete, and playing games with Valentine’s children (Katarina and Angelito)

Nancy, Annie, Emma, and Howard made their way to a local market where they tried to find PB&J sandwiches, but instead we feasted on ham and cheese sandwiches, Pringles, Oreos, and stayed hydrated with Nicaragua’s favorite drink, Coca Cola. 

After lunch, we mixed concrete to set the base poles for the outdoor classroom we are building this week. We also received our PHD’s (Post Hole Diggers) from Mr. Ty. Later, many of us were introduced to Nicaraguan guavas by Valentine’s wife. We also received a taste of living conditions in Nicaragua as we toured some of the model homes near the church property. The rich culture was a great reminder of our similarities. 

We enjoyed some team fellowship time before being joined by members of Valentine’s church. The next couple of hours were spent eating Nicaraguan pizza, playing Down By The River Side, and teaching the Nicaraguans how to untie a human knot. 

At sundown, we made our way back to the hotel, where many of us raced to put on our swimsuits and cool off in the hotel pool. After a while of swimming, we enjoyed our 4th meal of the day at the hotel restaurant. David and Moises tag teamed our nightly devo where we got to share where we saw God during the day. After devo, we enjoyed more fellowship with our team before heading off to bed to get some rest. 

We already God at work in this group even on our first day at work. God’s love is so tangible here and we are so thankful to work alongside the wonderful people in this group and here in Nicaragua. 

We hope all of you back home had a safe and enjoyable Independence day, shoot off some fireworks for us here because in Nicaragua its only the 4th of July….

Peace, Love

Nicaragua Mission Team 2014 (via Sarah Williams and Hannah Thomas)

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