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Nicaragua, Day 1

Day One in Nicaragua!

This morning we got up before the sun, and aided by caffeine, started our visit to Central America. After two delightfully awkward flights, we finally arrived in the “heat” of Managua Airport (it was raining). But we braved these treacherous waters and continued our journey to our first meal in Nicaragua. What a feast!! We ate at McDonald’s where we labored over understanding currency exchanges and communication. However we did not have a true experience of Nicaraguan culture until we piled into our bus and began passing slow-moving carts, weird cars, millions of motorcycles, cow herds, and a variety of stray animals (namely horses and dogs). Nevertheless these odd sightings were interrupted by luscious vegetation, breath-taking views of mountains, and lakes, and of course, people selling bags of water. 

Finally we arrived at our destination, and after hours of mind-boggling brain teasers, and luxurious naps we soaked up the wonderful sight of the Las Volcanos Hotel, just as our bags soaked up the barrage of rain that followed us. We would tell you more about our adventures thus far, alas we are both exhausted after our travels and several vigorous games of Mafia. So we bid you adios as we end our first day in Nicaragua.

Peace, Love

Nicaragua Mission Trip 2014 (via Kelsey Fisher and Erin Gurley)

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