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Camp Telos apps are due Sunday!

All camp apps are due THIS SUNDAY! Don’t forget to bring them tomorrow or Sunday. Thanks! http://m4d.co/0c0ce3c8

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4 thoughts on “Camp Telos apps are due Sunday!

  1. Kathy Ladd on said:

    We will have Luke’s application ready, but we haven’t been able to get to a notary for the medical form. Is it also due on Sunday?

  2. suemullican on said:

    You can turn in the medical form later.

  3. Shelley nance on said:

    Can I drop Michael and Nathan’s off today? Forgot them yesterday😞

  4. Shelley nance on said:

    Hi, everyone was gone when I got there. I put Michael and Nathan’s camp apps and check in a drawer next to the hospitality drawer. Random I know, but they moved everything out of the lobby and I could not find the mailbox. Message me if you can’t find it. Thx!

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