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Summer Class for Parent’s of Teenagers*


This announcement is purely for the parents*. 

Is there a teenager in your life that you love but don’t always understand? Are you a parent of not-yet-teenager looking at your friends with teenagers and praying your children never cause you that much trouble? Are you a grandparent raising teenagers or an aunt or uncle looking to connect better with your niece or nephew? If you are any of these people, there is a summer class at Woodmont for you. 

This summer (from June 1st – August 3rd) the WoodmontYG is hosting a class for parents of teenagers on Sundays at 9:00 AM in room 201. 

“What does a 31 year old who has never raised a teenager have to teach me?” You might ask yourself, and the answer is, very little. We won’t pretend that parenting teenagers is a step-by-step process that we have all figured out. Parenting teenagers is hard and often confusing. We just hope this class just puts new tools in your parent tool box. In fact, I’m (David) just facilitating the class and bringing in real experts to do the heavy lifting.

The schedule will be a work in progress but here are some of the experts who we’ve already scheduled along with some info about them and what they’ll be teaching. 

June 1st – Steve Holladay – Founder of Ultimate Escape – Healthy Sexuality. 

June 8th – Lezlie Owsley – AGAPE Counselor – Scream Free Parenting

June 15th – Lezlie Owsely – Scream Free Parenting

TBD – Patrick Hamilton – Hope Clinic for Women, Prevention Coordinator – Healthy Dating and Relationship Boundaries

July 13th – Jim Frost – AGAPE Counselor – TBD

Plus more that are still in the works. 

There is no need to apply and no cost. Just show up ready to learn. 


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