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Workcamp 2014 Schedule and Info

workcamp logoWhat you will find below is just about everything you need to know if you, or your child, are attending Workcamp. Comment at the bottom to let us know if you have any additional questions.

Workcamp begins Sunday, June 1st in the Great Hall at Woodmont. Woodmont students will need to check in starting at 4pm. The activities start at 4:30, and dinner starts at 5pm.

Monday-Thursday Schedule:

7:15 AM      Free Breakfast for Woodmont students in the Annex!
8:00 AM 
     Morning Wake-UP (Great Hall at Woodmont)
9:00 AM      Work at Sites
NOON         Lunch at Sites (Bring your own lunches)
3:00 PM      Return to Woodmont/Afternoon Pick-up
(Students are strongly encouraged to go home or go to a friend’s home to shower during this break. Let us know if this is not possible for your family.)
6:00 PM      Evening Meal/Worship at Lipscomb or Woodmont (LU: Mon.-Thurs. — Woodmont: Fri.)
8:00 PM      Wrap Up/Pick up from Lipscomb or Woodmont

Workcamp concludes at Woodmont on Friday night, June 6th, with an informal banquet, home owner testimonies, and a period of praise & thanksgiving.  We expect to conclude by 8:30pm on Friday night.

Additional info:

  • Each student will be responsible for bringing his/her own 4″ paint brush, spray bottle, heavy duty paint scraper, and work gloves.
  • Lunches are not provided and need to be packed for each day. Put the lunch in a plastic bag with the camper’s name on it, because lunches will be kept on ice in coolers along with the other members of the crew. (Often, crew leaders will plan to go somewhere to eat lunch one day during the week. Make sure your camper lets you know about this, so you can send money instead of a lunch.)
  • Campers will get paint on their clothes, plan accordingly.
  • Campers must wear closed-toe shoes, no exceptions.
  • Wear sunscreen.
  • If you have ladders we can borrow, please let us know. Ideally if you are able to transport the ladder to and from Woodmont yourself.
  • During the afternoon break, we encourage families who live close and are able to pick up their campers to do so. If it’s not possible to arrange getting them home in the afternoon, please consider sending them with a friend that can be picked up. The Fridges will also be making their home available in the afternoons.
  • Nightly dinners are included in the cost.
  • Crews consist of teens from various youth groups from around the region. Crew assignments are more-or-less randomly generated to create diversity. This provides a wonderful opportunity to make connections with teens outside of our youth group.
  • Each crew will have around 10-20 campers and two or three crew leaders. There are also “sector leaders” that check in with crews throughout the day.
  • If special arrangements need to be made to pick up or drop off a camper from their work site, be sure your camper gets their crew leaders’ contact information. They will receive the address of their work site along with their crew assignments on Sunday night.
  • If a student has to miss a day, David, Jesse, and Sue need to know so they can report to their crew leaders. However, we do not encourage students to miss time unless it is absolutely necessary.

Again, please comment below if you have any additional questions. Thank you!

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One thought on “Workcamp 2014 Schedule and Info

  1. Hilgenhurst, Debbie P on said:


    Did I sign Callie Hilgenhurst up for Workcamp? Can’t keep it all straight.


    Debbie P Hilgenhurst
    Senior Corporate Executive
    Strategic Accounts

    9625 Deer Track Court
    Brentwood, TN 37027

    Office 615-776-5569
    Cell 615-584-3391
    Fax 615-776-7079



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