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Whitsitt Spring Break Food Drive


This Sunday (March 2nd) and next (March 9th) we are collecting cans to give Whitsitt families a  small hand up during Spring Break. Some Whitsitt families may not look forward to Spring Break as much as others because for the two weeks they can not rely on school assisted breakfasts and lunches. That is as many as ten meals per child they must now account for and most families have multiple children at the school. The non-perishable food items WoodmontYGers bring these next two Sundays will greatly benefit these families.

In years past we’ve collected food over the course of 4 Sundays and asked for something different each time. This year we’re trying something new and only collecting food items over two Sundays while asking everyone to bring as much of each item as they’re able.

Here are the food items we are asking for;
1) Canned tuna or chicken (please no canned spam or other meats like vienna sausages)
2) Canned fruit (i.e. peaches, pineapple, mandarin oranges, etc…)
3) Canned veggies (i.e. green beans, corn, mixed veggies, etc…)
4) Starches (boxed potatoes, ramen, noodles, etc…)

The youth ministry is providing rice and beans that will also go into the bags so please do not feel the need to supply any rice or beans.

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