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Sue’s Here!


Sue is here and she’s already getting to work (you can tell by the picture above because she’s wearing clothing traditionally worn by people who work labor intensive jobs such as construction or roadway workers, but don’t get confused the imagery is purely symbolic, the past two days she’s actually been working in attire appropriate for the office workplace in which she is actually employed… At Woodmont!) and we are so excited she’s here to love, teach, organize, and mentor within our WoodmontYG family. Welcome to The Family Sue. 

Two things for you to know and possibly help with. 

1. Sue is moving in to her house tomorrow and she needs some young people with healthy backs to help. Just show up at 4005 Russellwood (its really close to church) at 9:00 tomorrow morning. Cale and I will be there but we need more help because Cale’s just a toddler and can’t lift much.

2. Join us for a very informal but very enjoyable get-to-know-Sue-get-together Sunday after 2nd service in the youth area. Food provided!


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