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Jump Sky High Party

ImageThis Saturday from 10:00 AM until Noon, we are having a party at Jump Sky High for High School Students. Jump Sky High is a great place to have a ton of fun with things like trampoline dodge ball to enormous ball pits and if you want to know more, click this link

All High Schoolers are invited and the cost is $12 which covers two hours of jumping and some snacks/drinks, and if you’re a 10th grader, you get to come for free (spoils of winning the Trunk-Or-Treat contest)

However, AND THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, ALL STUDENTS MUST FILL OUT THIS FORM OR YOU CAN NOT JUMP. The people at Sky High are very clear about this and the do not make exceptions.

The address is 5270 Harding Place, Nashville, Tennessee 37217 and if you need directions click the first link. I will also be leaving from the church around 9:30 if anyone wants to follow me out there. Otherwise, please coordinate rides or contact me if you need assistance finding a ride.


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