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Y.E.S. Change Drive Starts Sunday!

YES logoIt’s that time of year again! This Sunday, Nov. 24th, we will begin collecting donations for the Y.E.S. Christmas Store that will take place on Dec. 14th.

Each year, our job is to use the money donated to buy all the last-minute items Y.E.S. needs for their Christmas Store. On the night before the Christmas Store, we will send our whole youth group into WalMart to shop for Y.E.S.’s Christmas list.

christmas storeWhat is the Christmas Store? Y.E.S. collects items every year to provide gifts to the families involved in their programs. These gifts range from clothes, to toiletries, to toys, and each family is given a shopping list tailored to their children’s needs.

It’s always an honor to be a part of this, so we hope you will be too!

So, beginning this Sunday and running through Dec. 8th, please bring change, cash, or a check made out to the Woodmont Hills Student Ministry to contribute to this very worthy cause!

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