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Fall Retreat Info


The bus for Fall Retreat is leaving Friday evening at 7:00 PM. Which means you should arrive at Woodmont no later than 6:45 having already eaten dinner on your own. Some of you have already told us you have made other arrangements to get your student to Camp Valley View (and we greatly appreciate the heads up!) and we ask for no students to drive themselves up Friday evening due to safety concerns. If a parent needs to drive a student Friday night, that is fine, and if a student absolutely must drive themselves Saturday morning, that is fine too, but no students should drive themselves Friday evening!

We will arrive back at Woodmont around 11:45 AM Sunday morning. If you need to make other arrangements and have not told Jesse or David, we would ask for you to do so ASAP. dsessions@woomdont.org and jbaker@woodmont.org

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2 thoughts on “Fall Retreat Info

  1. poptart24 on said:

    Will there be a van Saturday morning for athletes and others who cannot go Friday night?

    Original email:

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