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Flag Football Update


Ok Flag Football Folks
This Sunday is our first batch of games and like a true field general, I won’t be there. Sorry to offend anyone, but Kristin, Cale and I are taking a much needed vacation and we’re leaving Sunday morning.

The good news is the team I coach has a bye and we have, more than, competent coaches and volunteers taking over for me and coaching the other teams. Here are some things I need players and parents to help us out with in order of importance.

1) Commit right now to have a good attitude and to being a good sport each and every week this season. No one will remember our record, but everyone will remember the way we treated them and we are representatives of The King. If we act like garbage, how can anyone ever hear The Good News from our lips?

2) Download the flag football consent form here, fill it out and give it to your coach on Sunday. You can’t play without having one filled out.

3) Know what time you (your student) plays: Younger Guys (Guys grades 7-9) play at 2:00 PM, Older Guys (guys grades 10-12) play at 3:00 PM, Younger Girls team (Girls grades 7-9) play at 4:00 PM, Older Girls (Girls grades 10-12) have the week off.

4) Write a $60 dollar check or talk to me about getting some financial assistance. This does not have to be done by game time because the church has already cut a check to the league but I need to be able to cover that check pretty quickly. Just so you know, more than 90% of that $60 goes to covering the cost of having 4 teams in the league. None of our coaches are getting paid to do this.

5) Wear white. Our Jerseys are going to be white this year but we won’t have them until week 2, so just wear white this week.

6) Tell me your (your student’s) t-shirt size so I can put the order in.

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3 thoughts on “Flag Football Update

  1. Brenda Thomas on said:

    Put Hannah down for a large T-Shirt.


    Brenda Thomas
    Legal Administrator
    Manier & Herod
    [Description: mhlogo for email]

  2. Kendall- Med. Thanks

  3. Colton Piatt Adult Large

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