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An Announcement from Tony Perkis about Camp Telos…

Well, not quite… but we do need to let you know about a new rule this year about snacks.

Due to critters and general cleanliness, Valley View encourages campers not to bring snacks and drinks (other than water) into the cabin area. So, in order to respect that, and to not attract bugs, we are asking that you not bring snacks and drinks with you to camp. If you do, we’ll have to keep them in the kitchen, and you won’t be able to take them to your cabins.

And… if you try to… Uncle Tony will find them, and destroy them…

“Oh. Look. A deli meat!”

Don’t fret though, if you have no idea where these gifs are coming from, they’re from a relatively obscure 90s movie called Heavyweights. It’s about a fat camp, and we’re not running one of those, so we’ll have plenty of delicious foods and snacks for you, even though you can’t have them in cabins.

Thanks for helping us out with this, and we can’t wait to go to camp with you!!!!

High five!

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