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Camp Telos Transportation

ImageWe are doing things a little differently this year with camp being so close. We are dramatically saving on the cost of camp, and passing those savings on to you, by not renting four 55 passenger buses going to and from camp. This year we will only be renting one 55 passenger van. So, instead of riding the bus, if you’re able, we would like to encourage parents to drive their students to camp (or carpool) and only use the bus if you and your student can not find someone to ride with. However, this new system means we have to know a little more from you than we have in the past.

Please email me (David) at dsessions@woodmont.org, to let me know us know your plans. If you are going to ride the 55 passenger we need to know that, but we also need to know if each student is planning on arriving by their own means so the bus doesn’t leave Woodmont because they didn’t know to wait on a student. 

The bus will leave Woodmont at 1:00 on Sunday and the gates at camp will open at 1:30. No students will be admitted to camp before the opening of the gates at 1:30 on Sunday the 21st.

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One thought on “Camp Telos Transportation

  1. Brenda Thomas on said:

    Hannah Thomas will not be riding the bus, We will take her on Sunday

    Brenda Thomas
    Legal Administrator
    Manier & Herod

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