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Medina Day 3

Hey to everybody following our small little group!

Today was our third full day and second work day in Medina and it was awesome! The morning came early, and we guys slept a little late. However, we made up for it by eating a longer breakfast to prepare for the work ahead! The task at hand was the ever-intimidating cedar trees. We cut and cleared and hauled an entire forest of trees to make room for a new road to cut through the campus. Rodney learned slowly but steadily how to drive a trailer with people yelling different directions and the good ‘ole Texas boys having a good laugh at his expense.

Lunch finally rolled around bringing tacos, salmon, and Mexican wedding cookies. I met some… energetic… young ladies named Nina and Ambar who have been entertaining us during our break all week. Before we even had time to completely digest our food, we stepped back into the Texas heat to finish moving the cedar into burn piles. A few scratched bellies and torn shirts later, we actually finished moving all the trees cut today. Work was cut short so we could prepare for the Mother’s Night Out later on. One group waited on the mothers during their dinner while two other groups helped care for the babies and young kids so the moms could have a little  peace and quiet. A little boy named Justin was my buddy for the night. We played horsey and ate oranges and got in trouble together. Everyone did an amazing job taking care of the kids in spite of the screaming and pee, especially Harrison Knight who has a bright future in early childhood development. And while I may wait a very, very, very long time after tonight to have any kids of my  own, it was definitely worth it to see the sheer happiness on faces of the kids jumping in the bounce house and the joy in the giggling while they have a ride on your shoulders.

The day ended with a small group braving huge spiders, feral hogs, and deer to get one last peek of the sun before it disappeared over the hills and a few games of Mafia just for fun. As I sit here listening to laughter and enjoying just being around such a great group of people, I realize it’s not about how much work we get done or how many cedar trees we pull. The kids here are not a service project for us to “fix.” It’s about the genuine relationships we create between each other and the kids we have the honor of meeting down here. Continue to pray for our group as we work and love on the kids who live down here because you are just as a part of this trip as we are. See ya when we see ya!


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One thought on “Medina Day 3

  1. Suzanne Gwin on said:

    Have enjoyed reading Becca’s and Grant’s synopsis of each day. Love you guys am praying for you all to finish strong in His good work.

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